Marvin “Popcorn” Sutton, Appalachian Moonshiner

Marvin "Popcorn" Sutton, 1946-2009

Excerpted from daughter Sky Sutton’s Daddy Moonshiner, a new book on the life and adventures of her legendary father:

‘Do you know how to make a frog drunk? I bet you don’t. But I do. I fired my pot up one morning and got it going real good. It had just started running high shots. That is what you call it when it first starts to come out. For so many jugs, then it turns to backins. Anyway here come hopping up to the still a damn big frog. I thought to myself ol’ boy I’ll make you drunk as hell. I had heard all my life that a frog will absorb things through its skin. So I got me a can lid and caught me some of that high shots and I dropped it slowly on the old frogs back. Real soon its throat started to swell up and then all at once that frog started singing like hell. When he stopped singing he flopped over in the leaves and didn’t move till I got done running that likker. I guess he passed out. Anyway when I come back the next morning to sweeten it back he was not there. I guess one good damn drunk taught him a lesson.’

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Maggie Valley, North Carolina, 2007 by Don Dudenbostel, Knoxville Sentinel

"Popcorn" Sutton and Still

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